lunedì 22 settembre 2014

Gladiatus Hack v1.89

*** Proff ***  Hack Tested !!! Free Download Hack Demonstration

Gladiatus is a text & image only browser game that takes players to the days of ancient Rome. In order to equip themselves and earn enough gold to train their stats, players must complete quests and fight monsters outside town. Gladiatus is a slow paced game where each combat encounter takes 10 or more minutes to resolve themselves with no player input. This is an ideal game to play on one tab while web surfing or working on the other. The game world is broken into two main areas, town and the wilderness.
Town Locations – Work, Arena (PvP), Tavern (quests), Training, Weapon Smith, Armor Smith, General Goods, Alchemist, Jeweller, Auction House, Market.

Wilderness Locations – Hermit, Misty Mountains, Grimwood, Barbarian Village, Bandit Camp, Ancient Temple, Pirate Harbor, and Wolf Cave.

Features Gladiatus Hack v1.89 :

- Rubies generator

-Gold generator

-Level Hack

-Highscore hack



1. Login in game

2. Launch Hack

3. Choose browser and choose province.

4. Click connect and wait

5. Click Resources

6. Choose value (Rubies, Gold, Highscore, level)

7. Click Start an wait

8. Have a nice game

Download File / Télécharger Fichier

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