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Dead Rising 3 pc game has been released, and as alot of our members and gamers are searching to find a fully working Dead Rising 3 Trainer, we are extremely happy to provide you the latest Dead Rising 3 Trainer! This is the First and Full Mega version of Dead Rising 3 Trainer, and not the beta/promotional one that many gamers are trying to get. The Getallforames hosts only legit Trainers, Cheats and Hacks, so don’t be scared about any infections or viruses, all our files are scanned with VirusTotal like our newest Dead Rising 3 Trainer.
Unlimited Health, Unlimited Vehicle Health, Unlimited Buddy Health, Invisible to Zombies, Unlimited Stamina, Weapon Durability, Unlimited Ammo, Add PP Points, Add Attribute Points, Add Mission Zombie Kills, Reset Day Countdown, Make Daytime, Make Nighttime, Easy PP Trials. Read the included readme file with Notepad for important instructions on using Dead Rising 3 trainer. Dead Rising 3 trainer features customizable hotkeys.
Windows XP, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Update September 03, 2014
Launch the Dead Rising 3 trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
Listen for “Activated”.
Numpad 1: Unlimited Health
Numpad 2: Unlimited Vehicle Health
Numpad 3: Unlimited Buddy Health
Numpad 4: Invisible to Zombies
Numpad 5: Unlimited Stamina
Numpad 6: Weapon Durability
Numpad 7: Unlimited Ammo
Numpad 8: Add PP Points
Numpad 9: Add Attribute Points
Numpad 0: Add Mission Zombie Kills
Numpad .: Reset Day Countdown
Numpad /: Make Daytime
Numpad *: Make Nightime
Numpad +: Easy PP Trials
Numpad 1: Unlimited Health – toggle on for unlimited health.
Numpad 2: Unlimited Vehicle Health – toggle on for unlimited vehicle health.
Numpad 3: Unlimited Buddy Health – toggle on for unlimited buddy health.
Numpad 4: Invisible to Zombies – toggle on and zombies cannot see you or
your buddies.
Numpad 5: Unlimited Stamina – you have unlimited stamina.
Numpad 6: Weapon Durability – toggle on and while using weapons they will
not break.
Numpad 7: Unlimited Ammo – toggle on and most weapons will have 99 ammo.
Numpad 8: Add PP Points – make sure to look at your Inventory first.  Each
press adds 500 more points.  You will need to earn PP normally
to level up.  It’s probably best to not add more PP than the
current Level is supposed to have to prevent skipping the level
up activation.
Numpad 9: Add Attribute Points – make sure to look at your Inventory first.
Each press adds more.
Numpad 0: Add Mission Zombie Kills – Each press adds more.  You will notice
the number is larger when you kill zombies.  Note that this is for
the current streak of kills you are on and not necessarily your
grand total of Zombie kills.
Numpad .: Reset Day Countdown – There is a countdown timer from the time you
start the game, which gives you around 6 days before the game runs
out of time.  Use this option to reset the timer for unlimited play
time.  This will allow you to do more side missions and etc.
Numpad /: Make Daytime – press this key to instantly make it Noon.
Numpad *: Make Nightime – press this key to instantly make it Midnight.
Numpad +: Easy PP Trials – to use this, toggle the option on, then press
F2 to enter the Inventory and then select PP TRIALS.  Note that
the values have increased to JUST BELOW the amount that would be
needed to complete the trial.  Make sure to scroll down to see
all the trials to make sure it has affected them all.  Toggle the
option back off.  Note, for instance, that for the SLIPPERY
CUSTOMER trial, you will have 49/50.  You will next only need
to do ONE MORE escape to complete the trial.  Note that you can
also do this to REPEAT trials over and over to earn massive PP
quickly and to level up quickly.
Dead Rising 3 trainer cheat will allow you to customize the keys if you desire!
There are two ways to do this.  One is the built-in custom key
creation and the other is the Trainer Customizer.

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